Time to Race

Available in three colorways, Rosso Corsa, Racing Green, and French Blue, the dial-side chronograph mechanism in each TIME TO RACE chronograph places Louis Moinet’s finest creation and greatest contribution to horology at the forefront.

Dial-Side Column Wheel Chronograph Mechanism
Dissociated Inner Bezel Ring
Woven Carbon Fibre Mainplate
A tachymeter scale and a 60-second display
Time to Race embodies a unique spirit expressing the merging of man and machine.

Time to Race is the next icon for gentlemen drivers looking to embody the beauty of their sport on the wrist. This elegant machine perfectly expresses the merging of man and machine.
Each Time to Race model is a one-of-a-kind creation, with collectors able to personalise their model by selecting a one or two-digit “lucky number” to appear on the front of the timepiece.

Column Wheel Chronograph
Skeletonised Dial
Woven Carbon Fibre Mainplate
Grade 5 Titanium Case