Moon Runner

A new pivotal part of the HYT range, the Moon Runner is the bearer of a philosophy that combines the ambition of scientific understanding, the perfect accuracy of the lunar phases, and the dream of a new understanding of how lunar cycles are perceived. The representation of the moon is completely unprecedented, not only in its form, with the presence of the large celestial body, but also due to its central position at the heart of the technical measurement system presented by the timepiece.
The Moon Runner assumes its dual nature perfectly, as a fine watchmaking timepiece with clearly legible precision functions; it is also designed as a celestial vehicle capable of taking its wearer on an emotional journey to the moon.

A new expression in the representation of the moon
The new lunar craft
A trusted and optimised luxury watchmaking calibre
A 3D moon window to space

Across time and space, a new kind of spacecraft is relentlessly exploring the watchmaking galaxy on the lookout for new unique expressions of the watchmaker's art. Discover the Moon Runner: the first and exclusive tridimensional reinterpretation of a moon phase.

Meca-fluidic technology
Tridimensional moon phase